jueves, 15 de febrero de 2007

hibernate on lg lw20 (unstable)

Yeah, me again. I`m on fire :D. After fix the halting, hibernate was the next steep.
I Installed the hibernate script from suspend2 (apt-get), but when i decided to run it ... X crash in restore, or (later of unload modules mmc_core , and other that don' t remember now) the resolution isn't correct (virtual desktop 1280x800 in 1024x768).

One more time google have the answer ( http://www.warpedview.com/archives/9 ). Add this line to your hibernate.conf:

OnResume 97 915resolution 5c 1280 800

This forces 915resolution to run very early in the resume process, which is necessary to repatch the mode into the BIOS before X resumes.

Now, supposedly with this everything should be work... , run hibernate script and... WTF ... X crash. One week testing and the result was the same. Today (sunday 18) i tested again and... it WORK !!!, i don't fucking believe it. Search my last changes in grub (acpi=force), hibernate.conf (commented OnResume option), common.conf (uncommented Runi915resolution yes, LoadModules auto UpInterfaces auto). So... truly i not understand what happen here, but hibernate work fine. Module unload isn't needed for this.

ToDO: suspend don't resume, now shut down correctly but nothing happen when i press power button (force unload sdhci mmc_core and ipw2200).

PD: sorry if my English is really poor/bad but i must practice... and make my feel a little more interesting.

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