viernes, 23 de febrero de 2007

mmm... rotar slogan con Drupal

Quizás no muchos sepan que últimamente me estoy dedicando, entre otras cosas, a desarrollar módulos para un CMS llamado Drupal.
La idea es que tengo ganas de hacer un módulo que eliga de una lista de slogans uno al azar para mostrar cada vez que se carga alguna página del sitio web. Puede ser que esta idea no sea muy original, es más quizás ya existe este módulo. Pero bueno si existe voy a ver en que estado está y sino lo voy a crear.
De más esta decir lo bueno que esta Drupal para desarrollar sitios web, es increíble!!, bien documentado, diseño modular, claro, etc....

jueves, 15 de febrero de 2007

hibernate on lg lw20 (unstable)

Yeah, me again. I`m on fire :D. After fix the halting, hibernate was the next steep.
I Installed the hibernate script from suspend2 (apt-get), but when i decided to run it ... X crash in restore, or (later of unload modules mmc_core , and other that don' t remember now) the resolution isn't correct (virtual desktop 1280x800 in 1024x768).

One more time google have the answer ( ). Add this line to your hibernate.conf:

OnResume 97 915resolution 5c 1280 800

This forces 915resolution to run very early in the resume process, which is necessary to repatch the mode into the BIOS before X resumes.

Now, supposedly with this everything should be work... , run hibernate script and... WTF ... X crash. One week testing and the result was the same. Today (sunday 18) i tested again and... it WORK !!!, i don't fucking believe it. Search my last changes in grub (acpi=force), hibernate.conf (commented OnResume option), common.conf (uncommented Runi915resolution yes, LoadModules auto UpInterfaces auto). So... truly i not understand what happen here, but hibernate work fine. Module unload isn't needed for this.

ToDO: suspend don't resume, now shut down correctly but nothing happen when i press power button (force unload sdhci mmc_core and ipw2200).

PD: sorry if my English is really poor/bad but i must practice... and make my feel a little more interesting.

miércoles, 14 de febrero de 2007

halt LG-LW20

Hi, this is my first post here...
Keep this easy. Mini HowTo about poweroff + ubuntu Edgy + LG LW20

Trouble: when i press shutdown, the system is halted but dont poweroff the notebook. the module snd_hda_intel isn`t unloaded correctly.

Solution: create a script that force module unload before halt signal.

joe@mobile:~$ nano -w /etc/init.d/kill_lame_snd

case "$1" in
# No-op
echo "Error: argument '$1' not supported" >&2
exit 3
rmmod -f snd_hda_intel
rmmod -f snd_hda_codec
echo "Usage: kill_lame_snd [start|stop]" >&2
exit 3

then do chmod +x /etc/init.d/kill_lame_snd and update-rc.d kill_lame_snd start 80 0 6 .

enjoy halting !!!